Hoi Jeon Moo Sool

Hoi Jeon Moo Sool
Its Origin and History


HOI JEON MOO SOOL was created by Grandmaster Myong, Jae Ok and officially introduced in Seoul, South Korea in the year 1972. 

Grandmaster Myong has studied martial arts since he was a child with his roots mainly in Hapkido, a soft style Self-Defense system with techniques dating back to over 6000 years ago. This martial art was introduced to Korea about the year 3 AD. To understand the origin of HOI JOEN MOO SOOL you must first know a little of the history of Hapkido from where most of the techniques were derived.

Hapkido didn't happen all of a sudden, it wasn't invented by one person, it has developed through the centuries into it's present form that we see today. Hapkido was introduced to Korea with the migration of Buddhist monks from China. Only these monks, ruling families and other members of royalty used the techniques for exercise and Self-Defense. The common people were not exposed to Hapkido until recent times.

Hapkido almost completely disappeared with the Buddhism.  Confucianism, for the most part, became the national religion of Korea. This religious discipline holds disdain for most of the physical aspects of life to include the martial arts, therefore Hapkido became little known until the 20th century.

A man by the name of Yong Sool Choi is responsible for the rebirth of Hapkido seen today. Born in 1904, Master Choi studied while hidden deep in the mountains and safe from the Japanese invasion from the age of nine. He did not emerge until after World war II. He then took on a few devoted students and taught them all he knew of the art. They then went on to spread this martial art throughout Korea and the world.

Grandmaster Myung, Jae Ok of Seoul, South Korea has studied the martial art since he was a child and has risen to 10th Degree/Dan Blackbelt in Hapkido. He was not content with the way Hapkido had been taught, he saw flaws in the methods and progression of it's teachings. Although Hapkido is in theory a soft and gentle martial art, the regimen can be quite brutal to the average person. The teachings are also very disorganized and it takes many years of constant study to begin to comprehend the true essence of the system.

Grandmaster Myung, through many years careful study and a true mastery of Hapkido, developed a newer version of Hapkido and in 1972 he officially introduced "HOI JEON MOO SOOL" or Circle Motion Martial Art.

He incorporated the power of the circle in the very beginning stages of training, in Hapkido this is not explored until 2nd or 3rd Dan/Black Belt. He also grouped all the techniques together, Hapkido teaches around twenty different complicated techniques to use against a wrist grab, you then learn to use those same techniques against a sleeve grab and then those same techniques are taught progressively around the body. You don't even start to use them against punches till somewhere around Black Belt.  Grandmaster Myung teaches one technique for all possible forms of attack, to include the punch and kick, at the very beginning.

In Hoi Jeon Moo Sool, once you master that technique, you go one to learn another technique for those and other situations and it goes on and on.

Most martial arts teach throw away techniques, a technique you may use as a beginner but find little or no use for when you become an advanced practitioner. With HOI JEON MOO SOOL everything you learn as a beginner is used extensively even in the Master level. All HOI JEON MOO SOOL techniques build onto each other resulting in a highly organized scientific martial art with the power of circle motion integrated into each technique.

Grandmaster Myung did not stop there, he has even employed modern techniques and philosophies on fighting skills.  He has thrown away some of the useless traditional techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation, things that no longer work in today's' society. So together with techniques dating back 6ooo years, modern fighting forms (boxing, etc...) and Circle Motion, HOI JEON MOO SOOL is truly the complete martial art Self-Defense system of today.