Jok Sool

discipline the mind | fundamental postures

Freedom from all thoughts

The guide for cultivating the martial arts

Freedom from all thoughts is the condition of not

thinking about anything except one's object.

Focusing the mind on one's object only, forgetting

one's own self, allows one's mind to be stable and

focused on one's object. Further, it is the highest

way for cultivating martial art and integrating

mind and body. The man who cultivates martial

arts believes that all things revive and grow under

the principle of vitality of great Mother Nature.

The physical power of man may seem to be trivial

but the focused mind of man can pertorm anythirlig

he wants. The focused mind must be accomplished

by being free from distraction. Also the focused

mind can foster one's patience and overcome any


To discipline the mind and the line of


The guide for cultivating the martial arts

The trainees should look straight at the object with

eyes focused on the object. The eyes looking

straight at the object are strong but the eyes

glancing at it are weak. It is the way of disciplining

to survey the near object as if it exists in the

distance and vice versa. The old strategy

emphasizes that it is very important to recognize

the enemy and one~s own self at once. Please glare

at the whole body of the opponent with only one

sight with the navel of the opponent the dividing

To detect the mind of the opponent

through the skin

The guide for cultivating the military arts.

We can immediately perceive it from the skin when

our arms are pressed by the opponent. Also, all at

once, we deliver unconsciously or reflectively our

own power into our arms with it, but if our arms

are loosened, vice versa. The very fact is the

genuine mind of all the human beings.

A tree does not grow into a great tree in

a day as Rome was not built in a day.

A tree grows slowly and continuously and invisibly

into a great tree over 10, 100, and 500 years. But

the tree should endure for a long, long time all the

bitter troubles until growing into a great tree. The

way of practicing HOI JEON MOO SOOL (the

revolving martial arts) is the very same. The

spirit of HOI JEON MOO SOOL lies in loving and

protecting the weak and leading the evil to good.

The way of the man who pursues the

martial arts

The guide for cultivating the martial arts.

The self-realization, the relative success are:

1.that one's own mind is as calm as a wind-free

lake despite confronting a stronger opponent than

one's own self.

2.that one's own mind understands the opponent in

confronting the equivalent to one's own self.

3.that one's own mind loves confronting the

opponent of a weaker opponent than one's own self.

The necessity of theory

To comprehend the appropriate principle is the

shortcut to the end, and makes the object easily

accomplished. the trained time and endeavor


The practicing and the masterpiece

If the base of JOK SOOL DO is accomplished, the

trainees should constantly and sincerely endeavor

to become a master of JOK SOOL DO.

The revolving martial arts (JOK SOOL DO) for

adults is the access to integrating the body and

mind. Persistant practice can accomplish the

integrating of the body and mind and the

masterpiece. If we want to build a 100 story

building, first we must have a strong and perfect

foundation. We can't build 100 stories on a

foundation built only for 10 stories, so you must

master the basic technique first.

The spiritual triumph is the perfect triumph.

The guide for cultivating martial arts.

If the opponent has a more bulky body than one's

self, one's own mind should not be suppressed at all.

All the perfect triumphs stem from the undefeated

mind to overcome difficulties that may overtake

one's own self.

To realize much significance of one's own self.

All of us were born with a mission which we must

perform. Therefore, we should always endeavor to

complete our missions to the best of our ability.

The road to the esteemed coach.

For it, we should be a devoted human being, who is

always humble, sincere, endeavoring, loves the

weak, not fearing the strong, leads aggressively the

evil to the good. and daring to confront whatever

the risk is.

The attitude

The altitude of the men who cultivate the martial

arts is to glare straight at the eyes of the opponent

without blinking, to preserve one's composure, to

stand erect with one's body balanced, and to be

ready to move in any direction.

The Hoi Jeon Moo Sool (The revolving martial arts)

for adults requires alot of practice and patience to

master good technique.

To enhance the vitality by relaxing

Our sleeping or relaxing is like recharging

electricity to battery. Therefore, we should try to

relax and keep a calm mind to practice JOK SOOL DO

and to be~me a master of JOK SOOL DO.

A weapon, an attacking, and a guarding

In attacking the opponent1 a long weapon will be

more efficient than a short weapon. In guarding

against the opponent, it will be more efficient to

guard from a distance than to do so close. However,

in counterattacking the opponent, it will be more

advantageous to counterattack close than to do it

from a distance.

Time and Distance

The guide for cultivating the martial arts.

An attack is up to time and distance. The trainees

who don't discipline themselves and control

completely their emotion can't seize an attack and

time and adjust precise distance with the opponent

at the instant of reaching a climax of fighting. So,

the trainees should acquire the way to control their

emotion fully to seize and to adjust it under any


To discipline the mind and the line of


It is very important to keep the mind and the line of

sight stable under any crises and situations. It can

be accomplished by only constant and persisted

discipline. Therefore, the trainees should always

train themselves to detect previously, the intents

and movings of the opponent through their trained

mind and eyes.

The esteemed coach with love.

The guide for cultivating with martial arts.

The esteemed coach should have a deep

understanding ability. a great sentiment and an

open mind, and put any plans of his to practice and

love all of his disciples.

To acquire and seize exactly the right

attacking chance.

The guide for cultivating the martial arts.

The attacking should be performed as soon as the

exact instant to attack is detected. For attacking


1.Deliver a blow before the opponent

arranges his attack.

2.Deliver a blow when the opponent~s

moves are detected.

3.Deliver a blow when the opponent is


4.Deliver a blow when the opponent is not

watchful or is distracted.

Evading and counterattacking

To evade the attack of the opponent backward is

difficult. It is also difficult to counterattack

because the distance between one's self and the

opponent is lengthened. To evade the attack of the

opponent sideways is not easy and is difficult to

perform the following motions, but the distance is

nearer to counterattack. To evade them by making

the attackings of the opponent flow away with very

soft motions and then counterattack.

How to master your thoughts.

1.You need to read a person's mind.

2.You must know your own mind.

3.If you know another person's mind you have


4.You must control your mind in the right


5.If you think you're the best, your future will be

very weak.

6.If you think you're successful now, later you

may lose everything.

7.One light is dim but many lights together

become very bright.

8.Many persons minds together can do great


9.To make a dull stone shine you must rub it


10.If you train everyday you will master the art.

To overcome difficulties by patience.

We must accomplish our duties through our

patience and the persisted endeavors without being

frustrated under any difficult situations, once we

have begun our training.


The guide for cultivating the martial arts.

The triumph Is won from the mind.

Although a man's mind is virtually exhausted, he

must accomplish his mission. He can actually

accomplish it if his mind is not bent by any bad


The most important things of mine.

The guide for cultivating the martial arts.

What is the most important1 time, man, or

mission? The most important is time, the present

in which we live. Man is the very person with

whom we speak, and mission is to love the person

near me at the present time.

The road to cultivating JOK SOOL DO

A tree has its value when it grow to be big1 high,

and straight. Also for the trainees cultivating JOK

SOOL DO. They should always cherish the mind to

love and protect the weak.

A love is great.

If the light glows very powerfully, the shade is

very thick. The constant love can lead the evil to

the good. A drop of water and air is weak but the

accumulated water and the pressed air can sweep

away all the things of the earth. Therefore. the

tender can embrace the stiff sufficiently.

The guide for utilizing the acquired


(Nothing to make something)

You don't have anything so you must try to make

something. Having something is like having

parents. Starting something you have nothing but

the more you train the more knowledge you have.

To require to practice and to be

disciplined constantly.

The guide for cultivating the martial arts.

Appropriate exercising and practicing make the

body relaxed and a circulation of blood. This will

help keep your body flexible.

The road to helping each other.

The guide for cultivating the martial arts.

If the trainees practice with the mind to help each

other, they can cultivate JOK SOOL DO to the deepest

level with the goodwill to all the living things.

The guide for utilizing the acquired


(Most important is self knowledge)

Growing is lifes competition. it is difficult but it is

natural. Millions of sperms are produced but only

you survive. As parents you can~t choose what

sperm survives. This is something God does. So

you must love nature.

The guide for utilizing the acquired


(Win love forever)

Hate is being hateful, if you're hateful you have the

devil inside you. So you must give hateful people

love so they may in turn give you love. You can take

someones coat but the warm sun will make the

person take off his own coat. So if you are warm to

hateful people they will become warm and helpful

to other people. This is the training of Hoi Jeon

Moo Sool.

The guide for utilizing the acquired


(Greatful power)

Water can move earth, make a hole in hard rock and

drop giant trees. Water never claims to be great

but it can claim any shape. It can boil or freeze but

it is still water. Water always seeks its own level.

One drop of water can become a river or a great

ocean so in turn your body and its many parts with

training can become a powerful thing.

The guide for utilizing the acquired


Trainees should practice often, exactly, and

continuously the 28 fundamental postures of Jok

Sool Do to learn toadjust unconsciously the distance

from the opponent; to detect the shaken mind of the

opponent; or to shake the mind of the opponent when

attacking. Also, the trainers should pay attention to

the trainees in instructing them to learn and

acquire the precise motion or posture of BAL CHA

GEE (kicking) of Jok Sool Do.

The true teaching and training.

The guide for cultivating the martial arts.

The formal very often regulates the freedom. The

learning and acquiring is to release again the

accumulated ability and knowledge, as well as

imitating. Also, the learning and acquiring is a

continued course to find the true. A true coach is.

not the person who just talks to the disciples, but

the person who leads the disciples to find their true

selves and give the courage to the disciples to be

awakened about the inside and outside of man.